Artificial Insemination of Cattle

We offer full service cattle breeding in Texas

Have us A.I. your cows

Drop them of open, Pick them up bred.

Breeding cattle via AI has never been so easy. You can simply drop them off at our facility and we handle everything including the feed, hay, heat watch, and AI in one all inclusive  price so there are never any surprises.

Why trust us to breed your cows? My family started in the cattle business over 40 years ago and I spent most of my life working on the ranch. If experience is what it takes, we have plenty of it. But there are other reasons our customers regularly drive hundreds of miles to bring their cattle to us.



Every cow is fed approximately five pounds of 12% protein feed and all the hay they can eat every day for the entire time they are here. We have found this is the amount that has to be given in order to keep the cows from losing weight when they are with us.

Goode Cattle AI Cows


Heat Detection

Knowing when a cow is in heat is our primary job. Not only do we catch the cows in heat we can usually let you know if there is an issue based on the timing of her estrus cycle.

We use 24/7 video surveillance with night vision to make sure nothing slips past us. Our system allows us to confidently know when the cow began her heat and when she is going out of her cycle. This is critical to timing.

Goode Cattle AI Mount

How do we know when the cow is in heat? We use a gomer or spotter bull. This is a bull that has been surgically rerouted making it impossible for him to impregnate the cow. This does not slow his libido however, and he will find and mount cows in heat just as if he were breeding them.

Spotter Bull at Goode Cattle


Once we know the timing it is a matter of placing the semen in the correct spot at the correct time. This is where experience comes into play. I tell my students that the first 1000 cows bred are the hardest because it takes about that many to be confident in finding the correct placement within the cow.

Breeding Cows at Goode Cattle Company


Semen Handling Procedures

How semen is handled can be the difference between a cow becoming pregnant or missing her chance. Protocols are very strict and we adhere to them as perfectly as possible. Semen is stored in a specially designed tank that holds the straws in liquid nitrogen to keep them cryogenically frozen.

While we strive to follow protocols it is unfortunate that not everyone does. For this reason we can test the semen directly from the straw using a microscope.

Free Semen Storage

Our customers also enjoy the benefit and savings of not having to purchase a semen tank. We will store the semen ordered for your cow up to one year at no additional cost. This allows you to purchase more than one straw that can be used the next year when she is ready to breed again.

Calves are Welcome

Most cows will breed back about 2 to 3 months after having a calf. We take cows with calves all the time with no additional charge. If you have a group large enough and would like to creep feed the calves we will be happy to assist you with this.

We Breed all Breeds

We have had most cattle breeds at our facility from Brahman to Rodeo Bucking stock to miniatures.

Our Customers are the Best!

We love the cattle business and it shows!




For everything listed above the cost to breed is a flat rate of $165 per head based on a typical 21 day cycle. If you would like to leave the cow at our facility to make sure she will 'Pass Over' as bred there is an additional $85 charge. This allows the cow to be bred as quickly as possible if she doesn't take the first time. There are no other fees with the exception of the semen to be used.

Don't Wait!

Every year we turn down some cattle because we are completely booked. The Spring Season from January to May tends to fill up months in advance so please contact us as soon as you are sure you want to breed your cattle so we can put you on the schedule and reserve the spot.

Phone: 979-345-5959

Learning to recognize Heat is a skill that can save you a lot of time and money. Find out how to do find estrus with my book 'Heat Detection in Cattle' available at

Heat Detection in Cattle




Custom Breeding Service

We are a full service AI Facility where you can drop your cows off and we handle everything!

Liquid Nitrogen Fill Service

Need liquid nitrogen for your semen tank. We service the area around our facility or you can come to us!

Semen Sales

We have a wide range of breeds including all the ABS and Origin bulls. Add to that our personal inventory of classic Beefmaster Bulls and you have one stop shopping!

MVE Semen Tanks

We are Texas' largest independent distributor of MVE... The #1 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Manufacturer in the World.

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Drop them off open,  Pick them up bred!
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