Beef Semen Sales

The bull is half your herd. We have the top sires in the world!

Semen Sales

We carry all the great bulls from ABS and Origen as well as a lot of personally owned inventory of many different breeds.


ABS Global Bulls

    Goode Cattle Company Bulls

One of the largest distributors of bull semen in the world. ABS is recognized a world leader in genetics and ongoing research.

CLICK HERE to see a list of breeds starting with Angus. Click on any bull name to see all his information.


Origen Bulls

    Goode Cattle Company - Origen Bulls

Origen has a lot of excellent bulls from common and not so common breeds. If you need semen from breeds like Fleckvieh, Murray Grey, Lowline, and Waygu, this is the place to go for some of the best bulls in those breeds and more. If it's on their list we can get it!

CLICK HERE to go to their home page.



Goode Cattle Company

    Goode Cattle Company- Beefmaster Semen

Of course we are well know for having the largest supply of classic Beefmaster semen around but we also have tons of other breeds as well. Our recent inventory turned up all sorts of gems from our AI facility tanks.

Check out all our different breeds and see what we have in stock that we can transfer to your tank today. To see what we have in current inventory CLICK HERE


Want to come by and have your tank filled? No problem, just give us a call first since we fill tanks by appointment only. 979-345-5959 or email





Custom Breeding Service

We are a full service AI Facility where you can drop your cows off and we handle everything!

Liquid Nitrogen Fill Service

Need liquid nitrogen for your semen tank. We service the area around our facility or you can come to us!

Semen Sales

We have a wide range of breeds including all the ABS and Origin bulls. Add to that our personal inventory of classic Beefmaster Bulls and you have one stop shopping!

MVE Semen Tanks

We are Texas' largest independent distributor of MVE... The #1 Liquid Nitrogen Tank Manufacturer in the World.

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